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About us

  I'm a full time waitress, mother,glam-ma and wife. I've been slowly growing my business for the last 6 months....It's been exciting and a little intimidating not being very computer

I bought my first snap necklace for myself, at a truck stop for $20.00 and each snap was $7.00 so I only bought 2 thinking it was a little pricey.

So when my daughters birthdays came up last year both September I wanted to get them necklaces and 10 or so snaps...and more snaps for myself of well buying in bulk was the way to go..... with soooo many awesome snaps.... I soon had snaps coming out my ears!!!! So my business was born.

Started selling to coworkers and friends and now I'm doing local flea markets...

The next step was my online store....

I wanted to sell unique snap jewelry to people at good affordable prices.... making it fun and affordable to accessorize.

My family has been a great help to me and I thank them. They're  great about letting me bounce ideas off them.... and have been ever so patient with my product being strewn about ..... lol 

I'm located in Sioux Falls SD 

If your local we can can do a party with hostess incentives of coarse!!!

Contact info- email